Saturday, January 30, 2010

COMMONLY by David Abel

How to acquire a character that will excite into maintenance an illicit proposal for swimming?

Across the chief attributes, exercise and maneuver in psychology free from technicality--

actually choose an existence in which marriage is a boomerang and psychiatry a magical technique.

Adapt clothes to horrific expense and maybe a questionnaire will fail to illuminate the tendency

for forgotten lovers to adequately inform the committee of the experiment meant (it must be quipped) to "relieve tension"

(an embarrassing admission). They compare the experience of minutes to the diffraction between a realtor and themselves,

ignoring the adolescent competition and settling for no explanation. Missile received, therefore

tarry not to advertise your complement. A facsimile of your mortgage will recommend a thorough

affect. Be completely familiar with the replica of the mountain (destroyed); the rehearsal went off without a thought.


by David Abel

16-page stapled chapbook with letterpress cover

[airfoil 1]


* * *


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